When we say hand-tossed - we MEAN hand-tossed.
At Nick and Al's when we say hand-tossed - we MEAN hand tossed!

Your Pizza Is Ready at Nick and Als

Great ingredients, made fresh by real people! Nick and Al's  is your best choice for genuine Italian New York Style Pizza, Calzones, and Pasta. Let's not forget the delicious Paninis and those desserts! Nick and Al's isn't going out to eat, it's like going over to a friend's house for a great meal. You'll be greeted warmly at the door and the kids will get some dough to play with (we'll even bake it for them!).

Hey Paisan! What are you waiting for? Get directions now!

Open 11AM to 10PM Monday Through Saturday
Closed Sundays
Nick and Al's New York Style Pizzeria was formerly known as Luigi's New York Style Pizzeria - same great food just the next generation.